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Orders can be shipped for $7.

Basic Holster Pricing

Solid Color: $65
Two Colors: +$5
Carbon Fiber & Prints: +$10
Camouflage & Textures (fabric/leather): +$15
Light-bearing Holsters: +$10

The prices listed above represent  OWB and IWB holsters, such as those below, with standard belt loops, a flag clip, or Pull-the-Dot snaps for either 1.5″ or 1.75″ belts.


A mod-wing belt tensioner can be added to compact and full-size IWB holsters to leverage the end of the grip back into your body to reduce printing: +$10.

If you have preferred mounting hardware, such as those by G-Code, Warfyter, or Safariland, let us know: prices vary.

IWB/OWB Double-stack Magazine Pouch

Offered in 9mm/.40 and .45, these mag pouches feature an adjustable retention device that allows you to dial it in just how you like. These mag pouches can be worn either OWB or IWB and are universal for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Solid Color – $40 (two for $75)
Carbon Fiber: +$10 each
Camouflage & Textures: +$15 each

OWB Double-Magazine Carrier

Designed to carry two magazines, these OWB carriers have adjustable retention and are very concealable with angled belt loops and a contoured shape to hold everything flat against your body.

Solid color: $40
Carbon fiber: +$10 each
Camouflage & Textures: +$15 each

Waterproof Kydex Wallet

These wallets are available in three different sizes to accommodate between 6 and 12 credit cards. An Ulticlip-3 keeps your money secure, or it can be used to fasten the wallet to your clothing or bag.

Solid color: $35
Carbon Fiber: +$5
Camouflage & Texture: +$10


Knife Sheaths, Flashlight Holders, and AR “Shark Fins”

These are available upon request but are only offered for local purchase because the blades and grips must be present to ensure proper fit. Prices begin at $30 for solid colors.